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Lun 26 Fév 2018
Lun 26 Fév 2018

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Collioure: a stay in the town of painters

A bustling town

A small Mediterranean port, Collioure, offers a unique atmosphere both day and night. A stroll along its paved streets, a tasting with a good wine merchant, a walk around the port, discovering good produce at a traditional market, the typical colours and scents… here, you’ll find the real south!


Collioure, culture and heritage

Château Royal, Fort Saint Elme…

A stay in Collioure also means exploring a rich heritage. The town has a long history and offers a unique atmosphere: the Château Royal was one of the holiday residences of the kings of Spain. Higher up, the Fort Saint Elme, built in the 15th Century and later redesigned by Vauban, is home to a Renaissance museum. It also offers outstanding views over the town, the sea and the coastline.


Collioure, the town of painters

At the heart of Fauvism

Attracted by the town’s unique light, the initiators of Fauvism chose to live in Collioure and create their major works: Matisse, Derain, Terrus, Maillol… Their presence permeates the town. This artistic heritage is still to be found in the art galleries that give Collioure its worldwide reputation.


Exploring nature

Along the coast

The Catalan south is an unspoilt area that has preserved its countryside and living environment. From the sea (rocky and sandy coastline) to the mountains and the foothills of the Pyrenees, the region offers a variety of outstanding scenery and viewpoints and a wide range of opportunities for walking, cycling and horse-riding. From Collioure you can explore the Chemin des Douaniers, the coastal path, the creeks, etc.

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Local wines

A culture to explore

Pyrénées-Orientales has a centuries-old tradition for wine-making. Every road and lane leads to a winery, a grower and a tradition. Take the opportunity to visit estates, taste some robust reds, light rosés or sweet wines, talk with enthusiastic winegrowers and learn more about one of the pillars of Mediterranean culture.


Sport and activities

For all tastes

If you like action, you’ll find plenty around Collioure and in the Pyrénées-Orientales. Hiking or shorter walks, mountain biking… As for water sports, there’s surfboarding, paddle, kitesurfing, jet ski in the summer and sub-aqua diving. And if you come here in winter, you can enjoy the pleasures of skiing, board sports and hiking…

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For the children too

Activities for all the family

During the holidays, the children also have the right to see new things and enjoy some action.

Why not try the excitement of a water park or a monkey-bridge trail?

Or go and meet the animals (Valley of the Tortoises, Sigean Safari Park)? The department is very child-friendly!



Pyrénées-Orientales (66)

An unspoilt, protected destination

Pyrénées-Orientales’ outstanding situation is ideal for both winter and summer holidays: 214 km of coastline (fine sand or rocky creeks), 300 days of sunshine a year, an agricultural hinterland full of culture and delicious produce, and Spain is less than 30 minutes away. There’s always something to do in the Pays Catalan!

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